Wholesale supplier of Quality Hand Made Biscuits & Cookies to businesses in Queensland, NSW, Canberra, Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia.

Monster Cookies' hand made biscuits are an attractive impulse snack that generates good profits and return sales for all our outlets across Australia.

Our main range of cookies are made by Australian Foods, an Accredited HACCP Bakery in Melbourne, to ensure the highest possible standards for food safety.

All our products use only the highest quality ingredients. Cookies that contain chocolate use only Cadbury's Chocolate for that superior Australian quality.

Our cookies are hand made and not just turned out by machines. They are packed in sleeves of one dozen and have no less than 5 months on the Best Before date when delivered to outlets.

Monster Cookies is the sole distributor for our range of hand made biscuits within the states of Queensland, ACT, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania.

You may have seen our products in outlets with one of two labels. We have a second label called Indulge Hand Made Biscuits which can be used as a display alternative to the normal Monster Cookies logo.

We are most famous for our Giant Smarties Cookies which have been a huge success right across Australia. Other favourites include our Melting Moment range. Actually, there isn't a single one of our cookies that doesn't have a place in someone's heart.

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If you like our delicious samples, our agent will be happy to give you great service and supply labels with ingredients and a nutritional list to help you make good profits by using our products.

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Monster Cookies can provide cookie display jars to use with our products.

Monster Cookie Jars are provided for a small deposit which is cheerfully refunded if the jar is no longer required.

All Monster Cookies products come with labels and listed ingredients so you know exactly how good they are.